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The Best Wire Connectors for Connecting Solid and Stranded Wires

If you’re still using wire nuts to splice your power cables, it’s time for you to learn about lever wire connectors. A new, easy way to splice cables, the Lever Wire Connector will let you combine wires quickly, safely and reliably in two easy steps.

Choose the wire connector that’s right for you. But before that, here are the three main things you should consider when looking at wire connectors

– The material of the connector. The first thing you should do when choosing a wire connector is to understand its material composition. High-quality materials can make the terminals last much longer. Flame retardant insulation PC nylon material, is internationally recognized as a high-quality material for plastic housings. Flame retardant insulation PC nylon material shell, with a long life, non-corrosive, anti-aging, 4KV and shock-resistant features. At the same time, the internal pure copper material has strong electrical conductivity, and the stainless steel spring buckle firmly fixes the wire, ensuring the stability of the connector.

– Type of connector. There are different types of connectors on the market. 2 in 2 out, 3 in 3 out, 2 in 4 out, etc. Those who have a clear perception of their needs can choose according to their needs, but for those who do not have a clear perception, XALXMAW offers a combination of sets. A box with a variety of needs of wire connectors to meet the different needs of the project.

– Tools needed. Each connector brand requires a different tool set. XALXMAW lever wire connectors can be installed without any tools at all.

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