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Why should copper wire be used for wiring instead of aluminum wire?

Benefits of using copper wire for electrical wiring

There are multiple benefits to upgrading your home to modern copper wiring, not the least of which is that it is a proven safe conductor of electricity. Because it is highly conductive, it is effective even in long distances of wiring with minimal resistance at the connections.

While copper is not cheap, it is certainly more affordable than other similarly conductive metals such as gold and silver. Copper is also flexible and versatile, making it malleable enough to be used in a variety of situations where wiring and electrical connections are needed.

Another aspect that makes copper valuable in wiring is that it is heat resistant. Finally, copper wiring has proven to be a reliable and proven choice when it comes to safety and reliability. This provides homeowners with added confidence and peace of mind. When pointed out as a feature, it can serve as an added value and as a selling point when a home is listed.

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The difference between aluminum and copper wire
Copper has long been considered the standard for electrical wiring due to its conductivity and reliability. Aluminum was widely used in the 1970s, and its use saw a resurgence in the 1990s due to the rising cost of copper. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages of copper wiring. Copper is highly conductive, flexible, heat resistant and reliable. It is the most common choice for professionals.
Disadvantages of copper wiring. Copper wire can be expensive, especially when doing a full rewire. Copper is also physically heavier and may be more difficult to install, especially over long distances.
Advantages of aluminum wiring. Aluminum wire is significantly less expensive than copper wire. It is flexible and light. This is especially an advantage in long wire installations.
Disadvantages of aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring can pose a greater risk of fire if not installed properly. Because it heats and cools more easily, the insulation quality may degrade over time and connections can weaken. This can create arcing, shock hazards and fires.
Where economically feasible, copper wiring is considered the preferred choice of electrical professionals.

Also in conjunction with XALXMAW lever wire connectors, more labor and time can be saved while ensuring safety.

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