XALXMAW Wire Connectors

Environmental Protection

In the XALXMAW concept, we believe that environmental protection is not just to comply with environmental regulations.

Our commitment to the environment is the source of the concept and technology of the entire life cycle of our products. We also support the efforts of our employees and business partners in this regard. At the same time, we are a solution provider and manufacturer, providing a wide range of products to support customers’ efficient energy management.

RoHS directive certification

These are EU directives regulating the use of hazardous substances in equipment and components. In addition to reducing the impact on humans and the environment, the goal of the regulation is to improve recycling capacity. XALXMAW closely follows the development of RoHS and makes timely changes to any changes in these requirements.

Compliance with WEEE regulations

The WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU regulates the take-back and recycling of electrical and electronic devices. Manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic devices are obliged register as “WEEE producers” and to comply with the reporting and take-back requirements. We have always taken adherence to the WEEE regulations very seriously – it’s in our own interest, but we recognize that it benefits our customers as well.

Only a few of our projects fall under the purview of the WEEE Directives and the Member State Implementation Laws. We have marked these products as WEEE-compliant wherever such a mark is required by law (which is not uniformly mandated for the B2B sector across all of Europe).

For more information regarding the WEEE Directive, please contact tony@xalxmaw.com.

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