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XALXMAW lever DIN rail terminal block

Cableado rápido de la placa de cableado de guía Din

XALXMAW’s new 211 DIN rail terminal block with lever.

DIN rail terminals can also be wired quickly? And reusable? It sounds unbelievable, but the XALXMAW 211 DIN rail terminal with lever now offers these features.

Instead of the traditional electrical tape and electrical butt connector twist type, the lever type DIN rail terminal block quickly connects different types and sizes of wiring or conductors. Unlike ordinary DIN rail connectors, there is no need to tediously tighten the screws, just insert the DIN rail terminal into 35mm iron and aluminum DIN rail, lift the orange lever, insert the wire into the hole until resistance is felt, then lower the orange lever to complete the operation, saving 70% of the operating time. And it is reusable, just lift the lever to renew the wire. Only three steps are required.

Instrucciones de uso del bloque de cableado de guía Din xalxmaw

This wire connector is suitable for both solid and flexible wires. Connects any combination of solid copper, stranded copper and flexible copper wire. Suitable for solid wire 0.08-4.0mm² /28-12 AWG and flexible wire 0.5-2.5mm² /20-14 AWG. Widely used in distribution boxes, control cabinets, switchgear, plant, machinery, etc.

Meanwhile terminal block, the internal use of high quality pure copper conductive, the shell is made of flame-retardant insulation material nylon PA66 shell, it has long life, non-corrosive, anti-aging, 4KV and shock resistance, solid structure firmly locked on DIN rail.

Set includes more accessories:

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