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Teach you to use seven ways to see whether the terminal is good or bad

The quality of the terminal block directly depends on its design, material selection and process. When purchasing terminals, you must pay attention to distinguish carefully, because the failure of each terminal will lead to the failure of the entire system, especially for high-current and large-function system engineering. The painful lessons in this regard are very profound.

1. Look at the appearance

Look at the stamping appearance of the terminal: In order to reduce the repair cost of the stamping die for inferior products, plus the replacement frequency of spare parts. There are often burrs, the punching chamfer is too large, and the corners are too rough, which directly affects the service life of the terminal.

2. Look inside

Whether the terminal uses pure copper as a conductive component directly affects the stability and safety of the terminal in use. Pure copper is one of the most basic weight guarantee conditions for the terminal.

3. Look at the material

Distinguish the difference between good and bad goods in terms of materials. For example, insulating PC nylon material is very important for the safety of terminal blocks. This material is widely used in various electrical and electrical products, and is currently recognized as the best flame retardant material. How to judge? Do a burn test to see if the flame goes out on its own within a short period of time.

4. Look at the certification

Terminal blocks have different certification methods in different countries, such as CE certification in Europe, UL certification in the United States, international environmental protection ROHS and so on. Without any certified terminals, there is no trust.

5. Look at the service

Among the many channels for purchasing terminal blocks, the most popular channel is online shopping. Online shopping does not provide the services that physical stores can experience, but we can experience from the packaging of the product to whether the seller is thinking about the customer. The quality of the packaging directly reflects the seller’s determination to serve customers.

6. Look at the price

Good terminals will not appear in the market at a lower price than the market, because the cost of good terminals is far greater than that of bad terminals. Under normal circumstances, the price of good terminals will be higher than ordinary terminals (except profiteers).

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