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L'innovation du connecteur conducteur de levier

industrial optical switch with cabled connectors

Role of wiring terminal

Terminal block is used to achieve electrical connection of a kind of accessory products, in the industry is classified as the category of connectors. With the improvement of the degree of industrial automation and the requirements of industrial control more and more strict and precise, the amount of terminal blocks gradually rise. With the development of the electronics industry, the use of terminal blocks is increasingly large. At present the most widely used in addition to the PCB board terminals, there are hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on.

Birth of terminal block

In 1928, Phoenix Contact invented the world’s first combined terminal block, which is the prototype of modern terminals, and also Phoenix Contact applied for and obtained the first invention patent.

XALXMAW Lever Wire Connectors

Lever wire nut connectors

With the development of technology, fast lever wire connectors came into being, allowing the industry to bring new innovations. Now due to the increasingly high cost of labor or the safety of working at height requires a fast and short time can be connected to reduce safety hazards and other reasons, fast lever connection is gaining more and more attention!

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