XALXMAW Wire Connectors


Le connecteur de câble à levier xalxamw résout les problèmes de sélection de connexion électrique

When doing almost any electrical wiring in your home, you’re likely to come across wire connectors used to make a variety of different circuit wire connections for fixtures, outlets, switches, and other devices. The best and safest wire connectors to use are lever connectors, which open the lever to insert the wire and press the lever for a tight connection. Wire connector connections are repeatable – they can be removed and reused in the future when any device needs to be replaced.

Wire connectors are the best

If you find that the wires are attached with electrical tape, or the wires are twisted together and then wrapped with electrical tape, remove the tape, and connect the wires with lever connectors. Never use tape instead of terminals – it’s simply not strong enough and can be easily damaged. Some people like to use a lever connector and wrap it with tape. This is fine, but you probably won’t find any lever connector manufacturers that recommend you do this.

How to use them

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as technology varies from product to product. However, the following is the standard procedure.

1. Using a wire stripper, strip approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch of insulation from the end of each wire. Be sure to use the correct hole for the stripper so that you do not cut into the metal of the wire.

2. Open the lever of the lever connector

3. Insert the wires

4. Press the lever

Congratulations, in just a few seconds you have completed the wiring task.

Finally give each wire a pull to ensure that it is firmly held by the terminal. If a wire is pulled out, open the lever, and start over.

The lever connectors are of universal design, Suitable for hard wire 0.08-4.0mm²/ AWG28-12, soft wire 0.08-2.5mm²/AWG28-14.

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