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Wires at the construction site

Is it better to use wire connectors for wiring or to connect wires directly? Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

1.Traditional wiring method: black tape winding

Tape is a kind of PVC insulation tape. It has been widely used because of its convenient use and low cost. It is even named electrician tape. However, the black tape winding is prone to aging, winding looseness, high local resistance, exposed wires, and other problems. Before electricians use black tape for winding, the following steps need to be done:

①. Strip the wire according to the calibrated length.

②. Cross the core wire ends of two wires in an X-shape, wind them for 2-3 turns, straighten the two wire ends, and then wind each wire end tightly against the other core for 5 to 6 turns, then cut off the excess wire ends.

③. After the test, wrap the yellow wax tape from the intact insulating layer on the left side of the connector, enter the exposed core wire after wrapping for two circles, and then connect the black tape to the tail end of the yellow wax tape, and wrap it obliquely from right to left. Press 1/2 of the width of the yellow wax tape for each circle until the yellow wax tape is completely wrapped.

The whole process is time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely easy to do non-standard.

Advantages: low cost

Disadvantages: easy to age, loose, not damp proof, low safety, high labor cost, time-consuming

XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

2. New wiring method: XALXMAW lever wire connector

Purchase XALXMAW wire connector directly to connect wires. Open the lever through the reserved plug connector, insert the wire core directly, and press the lever to complete the wire connection.

The advantage of this method is that it is very fast and convenient. The operation is also very simple, and the installation can be completed quickly. At the same time, the internal stainless steel clips firmly clamp the wires, and keep the wires from loosening and falling off during long years of use. PC flame-retardant insulating plastic has high temperature resistance and flame-retardant effect while ensuring insulation safety. It can better protect the safety of the equipment and greatly save labor and time. PS: Now the labor cost is more and more expensive.

Advantages: simple and time-saving construction, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, firmness, aging resistance and higher safety

Disadvantages: relatively high cost

When you wire the circuit, you should not use black tape to wind it up. It is easy to cause hidden dangers after a long time. Once the winding is loose, causing local high resistance and heating, it may lead to fire. XALXMAW terminal blocks have high safety factor, high installation efficiency, and convenient use. They are safe and secure in circuit wiring.

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