XALXMAW Wire Connectors

Złącza elektryczne, które można łączyć

We have all played with building blocks. Different shapes can be achieved through splicing, and different styles can be made according to your own ideas, which is very interesting. Are you also curious about what kind of creative product design will appear if the splicing function is added to the terminal block?

Single terminal block

According to different wiring requirements, different DIY splices are carried out to produce suitable terminal blocks

We often encounter various wiring problems in our life, and independent terminal blocks are always unsatisfactory in the process of use. However, XALXMAW has designed modular splicing terminal blocks in its continuous research and development, allowing terminal blocks to carry out different DIY splicing according to different needs.

Product connection:XALXMAW 50Pcs Lever Wire Connectors, 1 Conductor Compact Splicing Electrical Connector Circuit Inline for Quick Connect, 24-12 AWG – Lever Wire Connectors

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