XALXMAW Wire Connectors

XALXMAW wire connectors

Rozwój bloków zaciskowych

In just 20 years since the 21st century, the industrial layout has undergone a qualitative transformation. The traditional industrial field, a battlefield without smoke and mirrors, has been transformed from a war of resource consumption to a war of technology and information. Traditional resource-based advantages of the past, along with the new production model and the advent of the era of big data, the special market environment requires that the production process of enterprises to grasp every detail also strive to be silky smooth. In this case, many companies have previously been widely used insulation tape all replaced for XALXMAW terminal blocks, hoping to optimize from the product details level, in order to fully adapt to market demand.

XALXMAW as a unique forward-looking market vision of high-tech companies, one of its core products XALXMAW terminal blocks (wire connectors) and the market has more advantages compared to the same type of products. This advantage is not only the traditional sense of a single cost-effective level of competitive advantage, but also has a kind of overall optimization of the concept and tendency.

XALXMAW the importance of product safety, in XALXMAW terminal block of the actual operation of the embodiment of the best. From the safety point of view, XALXMAW terminals using the best flame retardant insulation material PC nylon, its quality is excellent, with a long life, non-corrosive, anti-aging characteristics.

In addition to the excellent quality of raw materials, cutting-edge technology is to give the terminal block higher reliability. The use of mature spring clamping technology, in the case of not damaging the wire body, to ensure that the connection does not easily fall off. At the same time, the terminal also has a very high applicability, in the resistance to high temperature at the same time has a certain cold resistance, up to 105 ℃ high temperature to complete the operation, fully meet the extreme conditions of the operation needs.

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