XALXMAW Wire Connectors

Why is copper the best choice for XALXMAW wire connectors?

Why is copper the best choice for XALXMAW wire connectors?

Copper has been the material of choice for electrical connectors for nearly 200 years. It has become more common since the invention of the electromagnet and telegraph in the early 1800s, especially with the invention of the telephone in 1876.

Today, copper electrical connectors are still used for telecommunications, power generation, distribution, and transmission.

Why do most wire connectors use copper?
For current to flow through metal, the power source must contend with resistivity. The lower the resistivity, the higher the conductivity of the metal. And because copper wire has a very low resistivity, it is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Copper is also a very flexible material. Connectors and wiring need to handle large amounts of electricity at once, but most of the metals that carry these loads do not bend easily. Copper, on the other hand, has the ideal thickness level to handle household levels of electricity while still being workable.

Finally, copper is less oxidizable than other metals. When talking about rust, you may have heard of oxidation. This happens when oxygen and moisture in the air react with metal surfaces. This reaction corrodes the metal that forms a thin film-like covering.

Copper does not rust, but it does produce a greenish patina called copper oxide. However, unlike rusting, this coating protects the metal from corrosion without interfering with electrical conductivity.

And XALXMAW wire connectors are uniformly made of copper inside, making wire connectors safer while being convenient and fast.

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