XALXMAW Wire Connectors

Advantages of XALXMAW Compact Splice Wire Connector

XALXMAW wire connector makes connection more valuable

The terminal block is composed of insulating plastic and metal sheet. The two ends can be inserted with wires and fixed with screws, which plays the role of connecting and transmitting current. It is widely used in sockets and lighting and can be connected and disconnected at any time.

With the increasingly frequent use of terminal products in the wiring field, more and more users have put forward more requirements for them. Therefore, the structure and wiring mode of terminals have changed greatly. From the original single structure change, a variety of wiring structures have been developed, which are classified into different categories, suitable for various wiring environments, and greatly facilitate our use.

At the same time, the structure of terminal blocks is becoming more and more humanized, and the wiring speed is also greatly improved. At the same time, the reliability of terminal blocks is getting higher and higher. New production processes and technical equipment, scientific production processes and quality control methods have greatly improved the quality and life of terminal blocks.

xalxmaw lever nuts wire connectors

The modern industrial control environment is changing rapidly, and the traditional adhesive tape is no longer suitable for the industrial environment where the connection state needs to be changed frequently. A new generation of connection products came into being. The terminal block is a product tailored for the modern industrial environment. It can replace the connection configuration of any node within the operable range according to the specific needs. It has many advantages such as convenient disassembly, reliable connection, etc. More importantly, the wiring terminal has better phase with industrial controller and other products, which can make the operation process of the controller smoother, and the performance can be excavated to a greater extent.

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In addition to its industrial terminal connectors, XALXMAW is widely used in urban rail transit trains, railways, and other railway projects in China and abroad. As a revolutionary product to replace the black tape, its civil terminal blocks have become the best choice for wiring in the household field, which can effectively avoid problems such as line aging and fire hazards caused by electric leakage caused by the winding of the black tape wiring. When the line burns due to excessive current and electricity, the XALXMAW wire connector can also effectively flame retardant and maintain good clamping force.

XALXMAW has mastered cutting-edge technology and is committed to research, development, production, and professional manufacturing of terminal blocks.

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