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Switching to lever wire connectors issues and benefits

Problem: Electrician Loyalty
The biggest challenge the study found was that electricians will tend to remain loyal to the installation techniques they use in their training. Experienced professionals have adapted to habits that have been ingrained over decades, much like asking ice cream to give up sugar overnight. Exposure to new products is not always pleasant, but we believe there are benefits for more experienced electricians who are willing to make the change.

Problem: Cost Considerations
Another challenge to change is the perception of cost. Wire connectors cost slightly more per unit than patch panels, but the time they save electricians should easily offset any additional costs. In fact, wire connectors not only help keep the job on schedule, but they also reduce labor costs throughout the life of the project. In addition, terminal blocks have a universal performance connection wire range: 28-12AWG, which greatly reduces the difficulty of wiring, and the versatility creates value for the cost of wire connectors.

Benefit: Maintenance-free
Lever connectors are classified as maintenance-free when used with an approved housing, so they can be part of a compliant installation anywhere in a property. Using connectors instead of patch panels also ensures that every connection is consistent because there is no variation when tightening the set screws that hold the cable in place. XALXMAW’s connectors even include a stripper to help accurately strip the cable at all times prior to connection.

Benefits: opportunities for growth
To further increase these opportunities, XALXMAW has introduced the DF series of lever connectors. Robust and well-designed, they offer a user-friendly, cost-effective, quality-oriented alternative to patch panels, enabling electricians to save time and improve quality in the field.

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