XALXMAW Wire Connectors

xalxmaw 84Pcs wire connectors

Los conectores compactos son simplemente increíbles

These COMPACT CONNECTORS are simply AMAZING! They offer “HIGHLY RELIABLE”, POSITIVE, RUGGED (and much smaller) JUNCTIONS! At XALXMAW 84PCS offers a GENEROUS size assortment too!

Throw away MOST old school ‘wire nuts’ because many wires pull right out with little effort ~ even if you DO twist the copper together well. These COMPACT CONNECTORS “SURVIVE” a tremendous effort to pull the wires free! Then you are finished it’s as if your conductors are “welded” inside!

Now cluttered electrical boxes with wads of wire and wire nuts “CLEAN” right up in both appearance and using FEWER TOTAL square inches too! Imagine 4 or 5 wire nut junctions GONE and REPLACED with just “ONE CONNECTOR” about half the size of a ice cube!


Lift the Latch TOTALLY UP and strip your wire. CAUTION, not too long because you want NO conductors showing anywhere”. Trim your exposed copper wires to equal lengths. Insert your wires and press the Latch FIRMLY DOWN! DONE!

Do you have several 22 gage wires going to the same junction or Latch? Simply strip them all, twist them “securely together” and cut the ‘strand ends’ flush. Now insert your wires, press the Latch DOWN! DONE!

(Funny, I tried to simply press my wires in without lifting the latch “TOTALLY” UP? No joy, `something was wrong’? LIFT THAT LATCH “FULLY UP”).

EACH LATCH within the Body is Independent. I use them for “2-way, high power mobile (and base) Radios” FOR PERFECT power junctions! My SOLAR POWER junctions now look SO much better too! If you have many wires to several connectors use Ty Wraps dress things right up.

Many electrical service calls are for flickering lights or outlet electrical branches that fail. Most times a new breaker will fix the problem, but MANY times it’s bad junctions inside boxes using old wire nuts! A ‘cleanup’ is no fun because many builders LOADED overhead light boxes “to the max” with lighting AND outlet junctions inside! Fragile/delicate “cloth covered wire” adds to your woes!

Now make FAST and “DEPENDABLE” repairs “in just minutes” that should last longer than the house!

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