XALXMAW Wire Connectors

XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

Facile à câbler et à remplacer

Xalxmaw Lever Wire Connectors – Xalxmaw Lever Wire Connectors offer specific advantages for DIY when it comes to electrical wiring.

white diagram paper under pliers

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to add additional wires to a cord set. Perhaps you are adding a light or extending power to another room or device. While this can be very annoying as you remove a large wire nut and replace it to a set of wires, using the XALXMAW nut makes the process simple and intuitive.

XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

Simply lift the lever at the top of the XALXMAW nut and insert the new lead. Close the lever and you’re done! It only takes a few seconds and a neat and solid wiring solution is complete.

Removing or replacing wires is equally simple. Just lift the lever above the terminal and you can remove and replace it quickly and easily.

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