XALXMAW Wire Connectors

XALXMAW 5Pcs Lever Wire Connectors, 3 in 6 Out Quick Wiring Cable Electrical Connector for 24-12 AWG


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  • ✔【PRACTICAL】XALXMAW lever wire nut connector,quick wiring,can be fitted in seconds to stripped cables,tap into any wire with ease.
  • ✔【SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT】Open the wrench of the XALXMAW connector, insert the wire and press the wrench, the wiring is completed, and the wiring can be completed more efficiently and quickly.
  • ✔【SCOPE OF USE】XALXMAW lever wire nut connector, used in companies, construction sites, etc. It is used for wire connection of electrical, electronic control, power supply, home appliances, lighting, machinery and other wire connection parts.
  • ✔【SAFER ALTERNATIVES】XALXMAW electrical connector shell is made of PC flame retardant, and the conductor is pure copper, which can be connected to solid wire (0.2-4mm²/24-12AWG) and stranded wire (0.2-2.5mm²/24-14AWG). Imported stainless steel is used inside to lock the wires firmly without loosening, and because they can be reused, the wires can be disassembled or reconnected for multiple times.
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Product information:

Rated Voltage: 250V

Rated Current: 32A

Shell Material: PC Nylon

Internal material: copper, 304 imported stainless steel

Solid Wires(BV): 0.2~4mm² (24-12AWG)

Stranded Wires(BVR): 0.2~2.5mm² (24-14AWG)

Flexible Wires(RV): 0.2~2.5mm² (24-14AWG)

How to use our products:
First Step
Strip the wire according to the specified length.
Second Step
Dismantle the orange operation handle straight and plug the wire into the hole.
Third Sted
lower the handle.

Problems in our lives:
Because the electrical tape, the wiring cap and other connections are prone to aging, falling off, poor insulation performance, etc., the safety hazard is formed, which may cause personal injury such as electric shock or a short circuit of the wire to cause a fire. In addition, as the use of home appliances increases, the power load increases, such as poor contact at the wire connection (excessive resistance at the connection), and large resistance and large current cause heat increase, which will be a huge safety hazard.

We solves these problems:
The XALXMAW connector completely avoids the above-mentioned safety hazards caused by poor connection; our connector uses ROHS-compliant materials and is environmentally friendly; the shell is made of flame-retardant transparent PC, nylon PA66, and the conductor is tinned with pure copper. Small, low electrical loss, imported stainless steel circlip, and durable, reusable.


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