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XALXMAW Terminal: Advantages of Nylon Shell and Purple Copper Copper Core

Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages for wire connectors:

1.Copper terminal: Copper terminals have good electrical conductivity but are easily rusted and require regular maintenance.

2.Aluminum terminal: Aluminum terminals have slightly lower electrical conductivity than copper, but are not easily rusted and suitable for high current applications.

3.Stainless steel terminal: Stainless steel terminals are corrosion-resistant and suitable for harsh environments.

4.Iron steel terminal: Iron steel terminals are strong and durable, and suitable for use in mechanical equipment.

XALXMAW’s terminal uses a nylon shell and purple copper copper core, which greatly improves the stability and durability of the wire connector:

1.Better electrical performance: The purple copper copper core has good electrical conductivity, which can ensure stable current transmission. At the same time, the nylon shell has good electrical insulation, which can prevent damage from arcs and currents, protecting the stability and safety of the circuit.

2.Stronger mechanical performance: The purple copper copper core has high strength and wear resistance, able to withstand large mechanical stress. At the same time, the nylon shell has good wear resistance and pull strength, ensuring that the terminal maintains a stable working state during long-term use.

3.High temperature resistance: The purple copper copper core and nylon shell both have good high-temperature performance, able to maintain their electrical and mechanical properties at high temperatures. Therefore, using nylon shells and purple copper copper cores for terminals can maintain their stability and reliability in high-temperature environments.

4.Easy processing: The nylon shell has good processing properties and can be molded through processes such as injection molding to create various shapes and sizes of terminals. This makes the production process simpler, improves production efficiency, and reduces production costs.

In summary, using nylon shells and purple copper copper cores for terminals has better electrical performance, mechanical performance, high-temperature performance, and processing properties, able to meet various circuit protection and application requirements.

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