XALXMAW Wire Connectors

xalxamw wiring terminal drawing

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Wide range of wiring

The lever wire connectors which can be connected to solid wire (0.08-4mm²/28-12AWG) and stranded wire (0.08-2.5mm²/28-14AWG). It boasts an ideal combination of high performance, compact design and convenient lever operation.

Tool-free operation in seconds

Lever operation makes manual wiring easy. The lever requires no tools and allows intuitive operation. Thanks to the innovative technology of stainless steel snap connection, it is only necessary to open the lever, push the solid conductor and the thin wire conductor with ferrules into the device, press the lever and the connection is completed in a few seconds.. The connector has a current carrying capacity of up to 32 A and an overall height of just 0.51”(13mm). It can be used in companies, construction sites, etc. It is used for wire connection of electrical, electronic control, power supply, home appliances, lighting, machinery and other wire connection parts.

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