XALXMAW Wire Connectors

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Usage of lever type wire connectors

Wire connectors provide you with an easy way to make safe and stable connections to wires. At the same time, it makes an otherwise complex and technical project very simple. All wire connector types are designed to create a safe connection between wires and prevent them from coming into contact with anything that could cause […]

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XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

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Xalxmaw Lever Wire Connectors – Xalxmaw Lever Wire Connectors offer specific advantages for DIY when it comes to electrical wiring. Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to add additional wires to a cord set. Perhaps you are adding a light or extending power to another room or device. While this can be very annoying as

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How to electric wire together

The way wires used to be connected Past wiring methods professional tools Professional technique very tiring The way to connect wires now XALXMAW’s lever connectors require no professional tools, no professional skills, and can be easily done by anyone in just 3 steps. Strip the wire, 0.39”(10mm) or so Open the wrench Insert the wire

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xalxamw wiring terminal drawing

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Wide range of wiring The lever wire connectors which can be connected to solid wire (0.08-4mm²/28-12AWG) and stranded wire (0.08-2.5mm²/28-14AWG). It boasts an ideal combination of high performance, compact design and convenient lever operation. Tool-free operation in seconds Lever operation makes manual wiring easy. The lever requires no tools and allows intuitive operation. Thanks to

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