XALXMAW Wire Connectors

Lever wire connectors to connect wires

Lever wire connects, what you want is here to meet different needs

Series Circuits Lever wire connects

The internal conductors of this style are independent of each other, the currents do not interoperate, and the entrances can be connected to wires of different nature.

Series Circuits Lever wire connects

Separate line type

This style internal conductor is divided into two parts, the same color lever conductor is the current is interoperable, the same color must be connected to the same properties of the wire.

Splicing type

This style can be DIY spliced as many as you need.

DIY Mini Quick Splice Rod Wire Nut Connector Spring Electrical Connector Kit - plug - in

Guide rail mounting type

This style, can be used directly mounted on the rail.

Xalxamw Din Rail terminal Board

T-Type Lever wire connects

This type, can quickly split the line.

Connecteur d'écrou de fil de levier de type T

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