XALXMAW Wire Connectors

XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

Innovation in Wire Connectors

XALXMAW wire connectors

Ideal for quick, easy and safe wire connectors installations with power consumption up to 32A, the XALXMAW lever wire connector series offers a versatile solution suitable for connecting solid, stranded or flexible connectors.

A variety of port models are available, enabling the electrician to select the correct connector or connector combination for each termination.

XALXMAW lever wire connection from wiring concealed box.

The XALMXAW offers a faster, simpler and more cost-effective alternative to terminal blocks, allowing electricians to secure cables in place in seconds without the need for screwdrivers or crimping, just a simple strip, push and connect operation.

The lever is designed to open in the opposite direction from the insertion port, locking the cable in place to prevent any accidental loosening or pulling out, ensuring a safe and secure connection throughout the life of the installation.

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